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Web Design - Marketing - Management

In the fast-moving world of the Internet it is very easy to become confused, cynical, or totally bewildered.

Infodesign will help you cut through the jargon, hype and tears by bringing you back to business basics.

We start off with the bottom line.

E-Commerce - Consultancy - Authoring



We don't just look at design and content. We look at how your internet presence relates to your business plan and marketing strategy.

In short, we give you a realistic, qualified, and creative appraisal of what we think the Web can achieve for your business.

And, yes, we'll talk about branding, business-to-business, CRM etc but in terms that are both relevant and understandable.

You get peace of mind and the benefit of our experience working with a range of national and international clients.

Web hosting, domain registration, web strategy


We offer a range of web-related services including hosting , maintenance , design , e-commerce , authoring and consultancy .

And, if you think all this comes at a premium cost, you might be pleasantly surprised. Your new website or makeover can cost from £400 and that includes domain name registration and hosting if appropriate.

Have a look at some of our client sites, and the further information you'll find on this site.

Infodesign is based in the north-west of England, near Chester but serves clients from Merseyside to Manhattan.

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Contact us by email or phone for assistance...

Tel./Fax  +44 (0)151 336 6199

or please use the enquiry form to obtain
further information about our rates


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web design that works

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